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Harry Partch Ensemble Concert #2

  • Meany Studio Theater 4040 George Washington Lane Northeast Seattle, WA, 98195 United States (map)

“Music by Harry Partch, including The Bewitched, plus music composed for the Harry Partch instruments, which are in long-term residence at the UW under the direction of composer and Partch expert Charles Corey. “

Harry Partch | from And on the Seventh Day, Petals Fell in Petaluma: Verse 4, Verse 21

Scott Eggert | Facets

Harry Partch | from Even Wild Horses Act II / Scene I: Nor These Lips Upon Your Eyes

Harry Partch | from Eleven Intrusions: Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales

Harry Partch | The Letter

Charles Corey | Visions from an Unceasing Somnolence

Harry Partch |The Mock Turtle Song


Harry Partch |The Bewitched